Paths and Trails

Trails for Walking, Jogging, and More!

Brimbank has many great trails, ranging from well-established tracks to new pathways through recent developments.

Our trails are suitable for:

  • People for all ages and abilities
  • Walking, jogging, or cycling
  • Prams and wheelchairs.

Bike Paths

For the most up to date bike paths here's the link showing all Brimbank's current bike paths and trails on Google maps. If you want a specific trip, select:

    • your start and finish destinations; and
    • bicycling as your mode of transport by clicking the "hamburger" at the top left in the search bar. 

    When cycling on shred paths, please remember to use your bell or call out to let pedestrians know you are passing.

    Bike Paths in Your Suburb 

    Other Resources

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