Infringements - Pay a fine

Infringement Notices

If our team member (an authorised officer) reasonably believes that you've committed an offence against our local or state laws, they may issue you with an Infringement Notice in an approved form.

Time to Pay

You must pay your Infringement Notice by the due date on the notice, usually 28 days.

Payment Options

  • Pay for it online - Enter your Infringement Number without the leading zero's . eg. 1176461. You must wait 2 Business Days after being issued with an infringement notice before making your payment.
  • BPAY: via phone or website of your financial institution (Biller Code: 134452)
  • In person at our Customer Service Centres using Cash, Credit of Debit Card, Cheque, or EFTPOS.

Financial Hardship or Difficulty Paying

If you're experiencing financial hardship you can apply for an Infringement Payment Plan (an extension of time to pay). You need to do this before the due date.

If you don't pay your fine, we'll send a penalty reminder notice after 28 days. You'll have to pay the initial fine plus costs.

If the matter remains unresolved we may refer it to the Magistrate's Court or Infringements Court, which means more costs.