Rates and valuations

Paying your rates

Financial hardship and assistance

We recognises there are cases of genuine financial hardship requiring respect and compassion in special circumstances. Read our Financial Hardship Policy 

For residential homes/personal/family matters, download and complete the Financial Hardship Application Form

For commercial/industrial property matters, download and complete the Financial Hardship Application Form for Commercial - Industrial.

Payment plan

Contact us on 9249 4000 to discuss payment options if you have difficulties paying your rates and/or debtor account.

You can also apply for a payment plan for outstanding rates to make regular payments on your account over a specified period of time, using the following forms:

Pensioner rate rebates

Pensioners can apply to get a discount on their rates by completing the rates concession application.

For further information visit the Department of Human Services website.

Victorian Government assistance

The National Debt Helpline is a not-for-profit Victorian Government phone service that provides free and confidential financial counselling for people experiencing financial difficulty.

Contact the helpline on 1800 007 007 to request a referral to see a financial counsellor at your local financial counselling service.

Rates payment due dates

Rates and valuation notices for the financial year are issued around August. They are sent out to land owners at least 14 days before the due date and are payable by:

  • 30 September - 1st instalment
  • 30 November - 2nd instalment
  • 28 February - 3rd instalment
  • 31 May - 4th instalment

You can pay in full or part payments by the instalment due date. Late instalment payments will be charged interest at 10% per annum, set under section 2 of the Penalty Interest Act 1983.

Get your rate and valuation notice by email

Getting your notice by email is convenient and better for the environment. We encourage you to register to get your future rate and instalment notices by email. You can also login to view your notices online any time.

  1. Visit Brimbank eNotices
  2. Enter your email address and eNotices Reference Number found on your rates and valuation notice.
  3. Check your email inbox for an email to validate your registration
  4. Create a password and provide your mobile number.

How we calculate your rates

The Minister for Local Government set a rate cap is set so that councils may only increase the overall amount by a maximum of 3.5%.

A number of factors may result in a change to your rates compared to last year, including:

  • A change in your property’s Capital Improved Value
  • Which Differential Rate category your property is in
  • Changes in bin charges
  • The Fire Services Property Levy.

Rates are calculated based on the value of a property, using a method called Capital Improved Value. Capital Improved Value refers to the value of the land and any improvements, such as a house, garage, swimming pool etc. A ‘rate in the dollar’ is then applied against the Capital Improved Value the property.

Rate in the dollar amounts for 2023/24

Differential rate type Cents in the dollar
Residential houses, flats and units  0.0017387
Retirement villages 0.0016198
Commercial/Industrial  0.0036707
Commercial/Industrial Vacant Land 0.0059444
Farms  0.0014861
Vacant Land  0.0036261
Cultural and Recreational  0.0018353

Property valuation

There are three levels of valuation for each property. The most important valuation is Capital Improved Value: the figure that determines the rates charged on that property.

  • Capital Improved Value: the value of the land and any improvements to the property, such as a dwelling, garage, pool, shed etc.
  • Site Value: the value of the land only
  • Net Annual Value: 5% of the Capital Improved Value on all properties other than Commercial or Industrial. For commercial and industrial properties, Net Annual Value is based on the annual rental return the owner would receive if leased.

How properties are valued

Property valuations are done by independent valuers every year. This is required by the Valuation of Land Act 1960 and overseen by The State Government Valuer General.

This ensures the value for each property is up-to-date and reflects its market value. They are determined through

  • Land size;
  • Property attributes (including floor size, number of rooms, building materials etc.);
  • Location;
  • Recent sales data; and
  • Records of renovations and building improvements. 

Opteon Property Group conducted the last revaluation as at 1 January 2022. 

If your property’s value has increased by a greater percentage than others in Brimbank, you’ll pay more of the combined general rates total.

If your property’s value has increased by a lesser percentage than others in Brimbank, you'll pay a smaller percentage of the combined general rates total.

Objecting to a Valuation

You can lodge an objection to your valuation through the Rating Valuations Objections Portal. You must do this within two months of the issue date of your valuation notice.

Commercial and Industrial Rental Questionnaire

During every revaluation we ask owners, managing agents, and occupiers of residential investment flats, commercial and industrial properties to give us (and/or our authorised representatives) information to help get an accurate valuation for every property.

You'll get a letter from us with your assessment number and password for each property.

All information, including any personal information, is collected by us for property valuation purposes in accordance with the Valuation of Land Act 1960. It will only be used for valuation or related purposes.

Addition charges on your notice

Ratepayers may need to pay the following annual charges.

  • Municipal change
  • Environmental charge
  • Public amenities cleansing levy
  • Landfill levy
  • Fire services property levy

The amounts shown are for the 2022/23 financial year.

Municipal Charge

This charge ensures all ratepayers pay an equal amount toward Council’s administrative costs.

The Municipal Charge is $78.99.

Environmental Charge

The Environmental Charge applies to residential properties and the size of your garbage bin. It also covers

  • weekly rubbish collection
  • fortnightly recycling collection
  • annual hard waste program; and
  • the State Government landfill levy.

These charges are exempt from the rates cap.

We also have an optional green waste service for residential properties.

Public Amenities Cleansing Levy

The Public Amenities Cleansing Levy applies to all rateable occupancies to ensure that all occupancies fairly contribute to the cost of street sweeping, waste and rubbish collection and disposal from public places.

The levy is $83.63. The Environmental Charge is reduced to reflect this amount.

Council is not collecting additional income and only recovering the cost of the services provided.

Landfill Levy

The Landfill Levy is a State Government charge and forms part of your Environmental Charge. Landfill levies are paid on waste disposed that goes to licensed landfills in the state.

The State Government administers the levy funds. It's used for environment protection activities such as

  • promotion of the sustainable use of resources
  • best practices in waste management.

All landfill levies are paid into the Environment Protection Fund and is distributed in accordance with the Environment Protection (Distribution of Landfill Levy) Regulations 2010.

Fire Services Property Levy

The Fire Services Property Levy is a State Government charge. We act as a collection agency and transfer the levy to the State Government, who is the responsible authority. It is overseen by the State Revenue Office and is not subject to the rate cap. Use the calculator to work out your fire services property levy charge.

Update your personal information

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Terms and conditions for online payments

All payments are processed in Australian Dollars.

All transactions are subject to the Terms and Conditions for Online Services. Refunds are processed in accordance with these terms and conditions.

We will take all reasonable and appropriate steps to protect and respect your personal information in accordance with the Online Services Privacy Policy.

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