How We Calculate Your Rates

How We Calculate Your Rates

Rates are calculated based on the value of a property, using a method called Capital Improved Value. Capital Improved Value (CIV) refers to the value of the land and any improvements, such as a house, garage, swimming pool etc.

A ‘rate in the dollar’ is determined, and then applied against the CIV of each property.

The rate in the dollar amounts applied to your property’s Capital Improved Value for 2021/22 are:

Residential houses, flats and units 

0.002016 cents in the dollar

Retirement villages

0.001876 cents in the dollar


0.004266 cents in the dollar

Commercial/Industrial Vacant Land

0.006917 cents in the dollar


0.001729 cents in the dollar

Vacant Land 

0.004212 cents in the dollar

Cultural and Recreational 

0.002168 cents in the dollar

    Want more information on Capital Improved Value? See Property Valuations.

    In addition to the rate amount, the Municipal Charge for 2021/2022 is $77.63.

    Environmental Charges

    We apply environmental charges to residential properties. The charge relates the size of your garbage bin.

    We also provide an optional green waste service to residential properties.

    Further information on rates, municipal charge, and environmental charge can be found in the Annual Budget 2020-2021.