Deer Park Corridor - Final Urban Design Principles - December 2019

Council adopted the Deer Park Corridor Urban Design Principles December 2019 on 10 December 2019. These Principles have been prepared to establish a consistent message from Council, and have been through a community consultation process to ensure Councils advocacy is in line with community expectations of the project. The Principles establish a consistent message and provide certainty to the design and delivery teams when negotiating appropriate outcomes on rail-related projects along the Deer Park Rail Corridor.

These ten principles have been prepared to guide the development of three at-grade level crossing removals, two (2) new stations and the rail line “quadruplication” and electrification to Melton and Wyndham Vale, and as part of a suite of projects to be delivered via the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LCRA), Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) and Regional Rail Revival. Regional Fast Rail to Geelong may also be added to the scope.