Councillor Code of Conduct (Major Policy) 2019

This Code of Conduct is for Councillors.

This Code is a statement of how Councillors will behave and work with the Brimbank community, Councillor colleagues, and Council officers.

This is a Major Policy, in accordance with the Governance (Major Policy Consultation) Local Law No.3.

Council considers this policy to be of major significance. Council has committed to a public and transparent consultation process that provides an opportunity for people affected, to address the Council.

The Councillors’ Code of Conduct was reviewed and adopted by resolution of the Brimbank City Council on 16 April 2019. It is in accordance with Section 76C of the Local Government Act 1989.

Our Councillors have signed the Code, are committed to working together to govern Brimbank effectively, and adhere to the principles of good governance. The Code goes beyond what is required by legislation.

The Code covers:

  • Section 1 – Commitment, Values And Principles​  
  • Section 2 - Roles And Relationships​  
  • Section 3 – Conduct
  • Section 4 – Civic Representation Protocols
  • Section 5 – Internal Resolution Procedure
  • Section 5a – Definitions
  • Section 6 – Resources Support
  • Section 7 – Professional Development And Civic Representation
  • Section 8 – Legal And Insurance
  • Section 9 – Exclusions
  • Section 10 – Reimbursement
  • Section 11 – Reporting