Graffiti Management Policy and Framework

Graffiti Management Policy

The Graffiti Prevention and Management Policy recognises that effective prevention and management of unauthorised graffiti will help enhance the appearance, character and experience of Brimbank public spaces.

Where possible, Council will seek to employ strategies to prevent graffiti from occurring in the first instance. Where graffiti removal is required, Council will follow a determined procedure for responding to reports of graffiti on Council assets, public, private and commercial property in Brimbank. Council's approach to graffiti prevention and management is guided by the following principles: Rapid response to removal; Environmental Design; Place Management; and Community support.


Graffiti Management Framework

The Graffiti Management Framework outlines Graffiti Management across Brimbank on Council owned, public, and private property. 

The framework aims to protect the rights of property owners by dealing with graffiti which offends the majority of residents (such as tagging, profanities, and hate orientated images). At the same time it retains spaces and opportunities for the emergence of positive and vibrant aerosol art.

For enquiries regarding graffiti removal, please call 9249 4000 or email