Fairness, Equality and Respect Strategy 2019 - 2023

The Fairness, Equality and Respect Strategy 2019-2023 aims to promote gender equality and respectful relationships, and prevent family violence and violence against women.

The Strategy fulfils Council’s legislative requirement under Section 26(2) (ba) of the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008. The legislation requires councils to specify measures to prevent family violence and respond to the needs of victims of family violence in the local community.

Position Statement for the Prevention of all forms of Violence against the Person

In October 2018, Council endorsed a Position Statement for the Prevention of all forms of Violence against the Person. The Statement outlines the following commitments by Council that supports efforts to prevent all forms of violence against the person.

Commitment 1: We never accept or tolerate violence and inequality

To ensure that every community member lives a safe and meaningful life free from all forms of violence and inequality.

Commitment 2: We take the lead

To take a lead role and use the best available evidence in developing, implementing and supporting initiatives that prevent all forms of violence.

Commitment 3: We respond respectfully

To respond with respect and sensitivity to community members, our customers, clients, and staff affected by violence.

Commitment 4: We avoid placing blame

To avoid placing blame on the victim or person affected by violence. Responsibility for violent and discriminating behaviours lies with the perpetrator.

Commitment 5: We provide support

To offer appropriate support to community members, our customers, clients and staff members affected by violence, and provide appropriate referral pathways.

Commitment 6: We will partner and advocate

To work closely with our partners and the community to identify, develop and implement initiatives and strategies to address the different forms of violence.

Commitment 7: We build capacity

To continue building the capacity of community members and staff to prevent, identify and respond to different forms of violence.


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