Recycling Services

Kerbside recycling in Brimbank will resume as normal from Monday 23 September 2019. For more information read our recent Media Release.

Recycling Pick-Up Service

We collect recyclable containers and paper once a fortnight, on the same day as your garbage collection. Recycling bins are 240 litres in volume, and have a bright yellow lid. Contact us if you need us to supply a recycling bin.

We also provide a Green Waste Collection Service and Hard Waste (Hard Rubbish) Collection.

Recyclables you can put in your bin:

  • Hard plastic bottles and containers including ice cream and margarine containers, soft drink, cordial, milk and detergent bottles
  • Clean paper and cardboard (large items, such as boxes can be cut up into smaller pieces to fit)
  • Milk and juice cartons
  • Aluminium cans and steel cans
  • Glass bottles and jars with their lids recycled separately.

A great way to collect recyclables in your kitchen is in a reusable container, which you can empty into your recycling bin. 

No Plastic bags, Please!

Please don’t put plastic bags into your recycling bin at home. You can take clean plastic bags to most supermarkets for recycling, or place them in the garbage bin.

Household Chemicals

Our Detox Your Home program is a collection service just for household chemicals. We want to make sure they are recycled or disposed of safely, in an environmentally responsible way.

Collections are held throughout Victoria and residents from all council areas can drop off their unwanted chemicals at mobile collection points. There is no charge. 

The locations and dates for this service are available at Sustainability Victoria – Detox Your Home.

There's no restriction on the number or volume of household items. But please check the list of accepted and non-accepted items.

Our Resource Recovery Centre

You can drop off approved items to our Resource Recovery Centre at Stadium Drive, Keilor Park and there’s no charge.

Items accepted:

  • All types of batteries
  • Fluorescent tubes (including CFLs)
  • Paint
  • Motor oil (up to 10L per vehicle)
  • Gas cylinders
  • Electronic waste like televisions, computers, hard drives, printers, faxes.

Items NOT accepted:

  • Chemicals other than those listed
  • Cooking oil
  • Waste from businesses or commercial operations
  • Household waste.


Stadium Drive
Keilor Park, 3042
Melway Ref: 15 C5
Hours: Monday to Saturday: 9am–1pm (excluding public holidays).


Brimbank Recycling Right Gems

What makes a Brimbank Gem? Watch our short videos starring some of our local Recycling Gems to find out!



​Want to know more about what can and cannot go in? Visit Get it right on bin night.

Next review date: 
2 July 2018