Recycling Services

Kerbside Recycling

We collect your recycling once a fortnight on the same day as your garbage collection. Contact us if you need us to supply a recycling bin.

Quick tips to help you recycle right

  • Leave it loose – items placed in your recycling bin must be loose, never in a plastic bag
  • All containers must be empty and dry
  • No need to rinse, just scrape clean
  • Lids off


What can you put in your recycling bin?

  • Hard plastic bottles and containers which are coded 1-5 (place lids separately in the garbage bin). You can tell it’s hard by doing the ‘scrunch’ test. Try and scrunch up the container – if it returns to its original shape it belongs in the recycling bin, this includes empty bottles and containers including ice cream and margarine containers, soft drink, cordial, milk and detergent bottles

  • Plastic meat trays – Remove any remaining meat and the absorbency pad. Remove any soft plastic wrap and lightly rinse the tray. 

  • Clean cardboard and cartons including cereal boxes, food packaging, clean pizza boxes and tissue boxes (larger boxes can be cut up into smaller pieces to fit in the bin or taken to one of Council’s cardboard and paper drop-off points)

  • Paper including newspapers, magazines, junk mail, envelopes (including window face)

  • Empty aluminium and steel cans, including aerosols (lids off and empty)

  • Clean aluminium foil (scrunched into a fist-size ball)

  • Plastic plant pots which are coded 1-5 (no soil) 

  • Empty glass bottles and jars with lids removed and placed separately into the recycling bin.


 What items don’t belong in your recycling bin?

These items can’t be recycled

Where does it belong?

Plastic bags

Recycle using REDCycle at your local Coles or Woolworths, or place them in the garbage bin

Reusable ‘green’ shopping bags

Recycle using REDCycle at your local Coles or Woolworths, or place them in the garbage bin

Soft plastics – including plastic wrap and film

Recycle using REDCycle at your local Coles or Woolworths, or place them in the garbage bin

Household /domestic waste

Garbage bin

Coffee cups – both the lid and cup cannot be recycled

Garbage bin

Long-life and mixed material cartons  – Tetra Pak, juice cartons, milk cartons

Garbage bin

Meat trays (foam)

Garbage bin

Garden waste and vegetation

Green waste bin – don’t have one order one now here

Textiles - clothing, shoes and bags

If still wearable take to a charity shop or charity bin – otherwise the garbage bin with general waste

Toys (no batteries)

Donate to a charity store. Garbage bin if broken

Ceramics including plates, cups etc.

Garbage bin (if broken, please wrap)

Bricks, rubble or building materials

A number of commercial operators provide recycling facilities, such as bins and dumpsters, which can be placed on site (commercial, demolition or residential sites) for the collection and removal or a wide range of building materials. There are also options for on-site crushing and reuse and central drop-off yards for unwanted building waste.

To find out how you can recycle these in your local area visit Recycling Near You.

Paints or chemicals

Brimbank Resource Recovery Centre

Green waste

Green waste bin


Garbage bin

Food scraps

Compost bin. Get a compost bin here! Or garbage bin

Takeaway packaging

Garbage bin

Pizza boxes

If the lid is clean it can be detached and recycled. The rest of the box can be composted.

Plastic bottle tops (e.g. milk and juice bottle tops)

Garbage bin

E-waste (mobile phones, kitchenware, tools, computers, devices, battery-operated toys)

Brimbank Resource Recovery Centre or E-waste drop-off point

If it still works, why not donate?


Find Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) drop-off locations in Brimbank at Recycling Near You.


Brimbank Resource Recovery Centre or drop off at your local library


Drop off at your local library or Brimbank Resource Recovery Centre

Printer cartridges

Drop off at your local Officeworks or visit Planet Ark for more tips


Why recycle?

Recycling is one of the easiest things you can do to help the environment, so it’s important we all do our best to get it right.

If the wrong things are put into kerbside recycling bins it means all the other items that can be recycled might end up in landfill.

By making sure you know what items can and can’t be placed into your recycling bin and recycling right, you’re doing your bit for the environment and making sure recyclable material doesn’t end up in landfill.

What happens to your recycling?

Once your recycling is collected from your bin at home it’s taken by truck to a dedicated Material Recycling Facility for sorting.

All recyclables are then sorted – through a combination of automated machinery and manual sorters – into different streams (i.e. plastic, paper, metal) to be baled.

Once baled, recyclables are transported to onshore recyclers or exported to be turned into new products and materials.

Need a recycling bin?

Contact us if you need us to supply a recycling bin.

We also provide a Green Waste Collection Service and Hard Waste (Hard Rubbish) Collection.

You can also search for other recycling options at Business Recycling.


Brimbank Recycling Right Gems

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​Want to know more about what can and cannot go in? Visit Know Your Recycling