Swap and save with our 80 litre garbage bins

We introduced an alternative 80 litre garbage bin for all households on 1 July 2012. This bin is just over half the size of our regular 140 litre bins.

The 80 litre bin is ideal for you if:

  • Your garbage bin is less than 65% full most weeks
  • You don’t put your bin out every week because it is not full
  • You have a compost bin or a worm farm – or are willing to start one.

Save Waste and Money!

Reducing your waste means:

  • Less goes into landfill
  • Better use of resources
  • A cleaner environment
  • You'll save money on your rates!
Cost per year for an 80L Garbage Bin
$124.72 per year!
is what you'll save when you swap to an 80L bin

 (NOTE: based on annual Environmental Charges at July 2021, may be subject to change).

How to Swap and Save

  1. Select the size of garbage bin you prefer (80 litre or 140 litre)
  2. Choose if you want a Green Waste bin (charges listed on Green Waste page)
  3. Use our Online Request Form or contact our Customer Service Team on 9249 4000 (have your Rates Notice handy)
  4. Our team will advise, by letter, the date of delivery for your new bin and the swap over process (this may take up to four business days).

What happens next?

Your bin will be changed over the day after your next collection day. Please ensure your old bin is empty and leave it out for collection.