TAC L2P Learner Driver Expression of Interest

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To participate in the L2P program you must:

  • Be 16-20 years of age
  • Have a current learner's permit
  • Not have access to a vehicle, or a driver, or both.

Your school, community agencies, parents or you can contact us yourself. We’ll send you an Information Kit, containing the required paperwork. Once completed, please return the paperwork to us at the L2P Program.

When a place becomes available, our L2P Program team member will contact you to arrange a time to catch up and discuss the program.

We recommend using Chrome as your web browser. If you use Safari, make sure you have the latest version installed before completing the following online form.

Your details
e.g. 03 9249 4000
e.g. 03 9249 4000
e.g. 0414 678 345