TAC L2P Learner Driver Expression of Interest

All learner drivers must submit an application through their myVicroads account before completing this application.

Learner referral information from this application will then be matched with the Vicroads application.

If the learner is unable to submit the application themselves, please assist them to do so.

Program eligibility

includes residential, foster and kinship care
includes pre-sentence support, attending court, diversion, supervised order

If you have any doubts about the young person meeting any of the above criteria for the L2P program please contact us on 0418 312 710 or L2P@brimbank.vic.gov.au to discuss your referral.

Young person's information

e.g. 0414 678 345 or 03 9249 4000
Do they have a current case worker? Do they know which order they are on? Are they still appearing at court? How could gaining licence improve situation?

Your information