Tree Project

Learn more about trees.

Still want to learn more about trees? Check out these fascinating articles and stories about the impact trees can have on our lives – from deeply personal tales, to studies on the health effects of living near trees.

When ABC Radio National asked listeners for their stories about trees, audiences responded with more than 550 contributions. Listen to a selection of these stories online or check out a compilation of stories in book form.

ABC program “The World Today” featured an interview with a researcher who has found that living near trees could add years to your life. For a more detailed article about the same study, read Neighborhood greenspace and health in a large urban centre published on Nature Online.

Want your child to pay attention? Move near a park

A good local park can push up property prices, but did you know it could also have a positive impact on your child's attention span? Read more...  

India Plants 50 Million Trees in One Day, Smashing World Record

More than 800,000 volunteers pitched in to help the country fight climate change. Read how they did it!

Cooling Our Streets

Watch Gardening Australia's Cooling Our Streets video to learn how trees can reduce a city's temperature by 2%!

Discover the Secret Life of Trees

New research suggests trees communicate with each other, according to German forest ranger and author of The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate.

Author Peter Wohlleban believes trees communicate in several ways. His book will soon be available for loan in Brimbank Libraries.