Group of wooden figures (one larger and red) with arrows pointing away to single figures like spokes on a wheel.

We make decisions in one of two ways: at Council Meetings, or by delegating its decision making powers to staff.

The Instruments of Delegations are the documents Council uses to delegate its decision making powers and duties to staff, under various Acts and Regulations.

Register of Instruments of Delegation

Instrument Date approved or sealed
S5 Instrument of Delegation- Council to CEO  (PDF 108.8 KB) 23 April 2024 
S6 Instrument of Delegation -Council to Staff  (PDF 2.46 MB) 12 December 2023
S7 Instrument of Delegation  – Sub Delegation from CEO to Staff  (PDF 2.43 MB) 12 December 2023
S8 Instrument of Delegation-  CEO to Staff           (PDF 485 KB) 20 June 2023 
S12 Instrument of Delegation - Municipal Building Surveyor (PDF 516KB) 17 July 2023
S14 Instrument of Delegation – CEO to Staff (VicSmart applications) (PDF 328 KB) 12 December 2023
S18 Instrument of Delegation  – Council to Staff (EPA) (PDF 1.46 MB)  12 December 2023
Last updated: 7 May 2024 - 2:25pm