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Car Parking

Did you get a Brimbank City Council fine or infringement?

Options available to you:

Infringement review

By law, you can request a review of your fine or infringement.

Before you apply for a review of your parking fine or infringement you should check the details. Click the button below, then enter your Infringement Number and your car's registration number.

We provide officer photographs (if any), location, date, and approximate time, of the alleged offence.

Check your infringement/fine

To request for a review, you must be:

  • the person issued with the fine; or
  • someone acting on behalf of the person to whom the fine was issued. 

Apply to review an infringement notice

Parking fines

Parking fines are issued to 'the owner' of the vehicle.

If you’re not the vehicle’s owner you must either be:

  • nominated as the driver - use our online Infringement Nomination Statement; or
  • be given written authority to appeal an infringement on behalf of the owner before your appeal can be considered.

Nomination Statement

Parking Infringement Notices are issued directly to the registered owner.  Owner details are obtained directly from VicRoads Vehicle Registration Database.

The registered vehicle owner is responsible for all parking infringements issued to their vehicle. Please note you do not lose demerit points for parking infringements.

If you were not the driver at the time of a parking offence, you can nominate the responsible driver which transfers the liability of the infringement to them. Please read and complete the online form below.

Please note, if you are the director of a company and you wish to nominate yourself for a company vehicle, please have an administration or fleet officer complete the nomination form. If another staff member cannot complete the nomination statement, you will need to provide proof you are the director of the company in order to accept the nomination form (ASIC's record.)

Complete the online Infringement Nomination Statement

Court Request

If you have received an Infringement Notice, you can elect to have a matter heard at the Magistrates’ Court. If you disagree with the outcome of your internal review, you have the option to have the matter heard at the Magistrates’ Court.

Before you submit your court request, you must ensure you are the registered owner or person/company listed on the infringement notice.

If you were the driver and haven’t been formally nominated, the registered owner of the vehicle must complete the online nomination application. Once you have been nominated, the infringement notice will be re-issued in your name and you will receive the infringement. You can then take action to resolve your fine (like requesting a review or electing to go to court).

A lawyer can act on your behalf, or company, named on the infringement notice. Ensure a letter of consent is provided. 

If you want to pursue this option, complete the online application for action by court request form. There may be a lengthy delay in obtaining a court date as this is determined by the availability of the Magistrates' Court.

Please note that the Brimbank City Council incurs costs as part of this process, and we seek to recover these costs providing the court finds the matter proven.

Littering/waste fines

Littering fines are issued to ‘the owner’ of the vehicle.

The registered owner of the vehicle will not be responsible for the infringement if they nominate the responsible party or can confirm that the vehicle is a commercial passenger vehicle.

Your circumstances

Do we consider your circumstances?

Yes. Your appeal is considered on its merits. However there are common situations (in isolation) that aren’t valid reasons to have your fine withdrawn

I didn’t see a parking sign/I misread the parking sign

All our parking signs comply with the Australian Standards for Parking Control. It’s your responsibility to make sure you understand and obey the parking rules.

I had to park illegally. All the legal parking spaces were taken

We know it can be hard to find a parking spot, especially around train stations and shopping centres. But it’s your responsibility to make sure your vehicle is parked legally at all times, even if it means parking further away.

I got booked for double parking while I was waiting for a parking bay to become available

It’s illegal to double park even if you’re waiting for a parking bay to become available. Unless a parking space is immediately available you must move along to find parking somewhere else.

I can’t afford to pay my fine

We can help. You can apply for an Infringement Payment Plan (an extension of time to pay). You need to do this before the due date. If you don't pay your fine, we'll send a penalty reminder notice after 28 days. You'll have to pay the initial fine plus costs.

If the matter remains unresolved we may refer it to the Magistrate's Court or Fines Victoria. This can result in additional costs.

I was delayed in a meeting/appointment or could not leave work to move my vehicle in time

We all get delayed from time to time. When your vehicle is in a timed parking area you should allow for possible delays. A meeting or appointment running over time isn’t unforeseeable.

We’ll only consider your appeal if the delay was unforeseeable, such as a medical emergency. You'll need a medical certificate or hospital documentation as proof.

I didn’t receive a reminder notice about my pet registration

Legislation requires that you register your pet(s) by 10 April each year. We'll send you a reminder notice to renew your pet registration each year. However it’s your responsibility to make sure your pet's registered.

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