Workplace Gender Equality Action Plan

Our Gender Equality Action Plan 2021-2025 (PDF 600KB) is our plan for advancing gender equality in the workplace.

Developing the Plan was a requirement of the Gender Equality Act 2020 and was developed following a workplace gender audit and consultation with employees, Councillors and Trade Unions.

Our vision

All people are able to participate and access resources, opportunities and benefits equally, and feel safe and included regardless of gender or any other attributes of their identity.

Our aim

  • strengthen and support an organisational culture of equity that values and promotes gender equality, diversity and inclusion
  • progress towards a workplace where women, men and gender diverse people are equitably represented at all levels of Council and have equal access to career opportunities and remuneration
  • promote a positive culture of workplace flexibility and equitable support and access for family and caring responsibilities for people of all genders
  • enhance and embed policies, procedures and processes to ensure a safe and inclusive workplace and equip leaders and all employees to demonstrate equitable and inclusive practices.

Plan objectives

Each objective has strategies and actions that will drive organisational change and build capacity of staff

  1. establish a robust accountability framework for gender equity and inclusion
  2. Council leaders drive a gender equitable and inclusive workplace to balance gender and intersectional representation in leadership
  3. represent the diversity of genders and identities across the municipality
  4. equal pay for women, men and gender diverse people at Council for work of equal or comparable value
  5. a workplace free from sexual harassment and employees are confident to call out negative behaviour
  6. women, men and gender diverse people have equitable access to career and learning and development opportunities
  7. women, men and gender diverse people equitably access flexible work and leave arrangements, particularly in relation to family and caring responsibilities
  8. teams are progressing towards gender equitable workplace composition.
Last updated: 6 February 2024 - 3:38pm