Calder Park Drive Level Crossing Removal Urban Principles

The Calder Park Drive Level Crossing Removal Project Urban Design Principles - June 2022 (PDF 997KB) have been prepared to guide the design and delivery of the Level Crossing Removal Project being delivered by the Victoria Government at Calder Park Drive, Sydenham.

The urban design principles

  1. retain existing and future proof future local road connections
  2. retain, enhance and expand pedestrian linkages along and across the road and rail corridor
  3. integrate local and regional cycle connections
  4. enhance the natural environment
  5. create a distinctive, high quality architectural and landscape outcome
  6. prioritise Safety as a design consideration
  7. minimise adverse impacts on private property
  8. minimise physical, visual and acoustic amenity impacts
  9. engage with the community as part of the decision-making process

They have been prepared to establish a consistent message from Council and provide certainty to the design and delivery teams when negotiating appropriate outcomes for the project.

Adopted by Council in June 2022, they have been tested and updated in line with the community’s expectations of the project.

Last updated: 3 June 2024 - 4:57pm