Neighbour Day grant guidelines

People enjoying a barbecue at a community gathering

Neighbour Day is all about getting to know your neighbours and turning streets into neighbourhoods. Due to the prolonged COVID-19 lockdowns, it is now more important than ever to use Neighbour Day as a great opportunity for neighbours on the same street, across the same street to reconnect. That means encouraging and supporting people to go one step further on a special day each year.  Neighbour Day is not about large scale events, but rather smaller localised events.

Each year, we support local residents to celebrate Neighbour Day by providing grants of up to $250 for Neighbour Day celebrations across the municipality. 

There are many ways to celebrate Neighbour Day and we encourage you to think creatively about how to connect with your neighbours. Visit our Neighbour Day page to learn more. 

The grant is designed to enable communities to have local activities that turn our streets or parks into friendly neighbourhoods. 


Eligible activities

We encourage you to think creatively and innovatively about ideas. Here are some ideas of the types of activities and projects that would be approved for a grant:

  • A meet and greet BBQ at your local park or front yard
  • A neighbourhood group, i.e. neighbourhood watch or a local Facebook page group
  • Picnic and games afternoon at a nearby park or reserve. Egg and spoon, sack or relay races are popular with families with young children
  • A clean-up in a local reserve, gardening, working bee, or giant garage sale to fundraise for a neighbourhood initiative (subject to approval)
  • A neighbourhood library for things you are happy to lend or share with others in your street. For example: books, movies, soft toys, music, art and craft supplies
  • Trivia night (option of virtual meeting) learning about local places, parks and restaurants.

Activities not eligible for funding

We will not consider activities that:

  • involve alcohol
  • are overtly religious or political in nature
  • include salaries and people costs, e.g. coordinator, volunteer or project officer costs
  • do not comply with local laws.

Funding eligibility

  • Applicants must either be Brimbank residents or Brimbank based not-for-profit community groups, clubs and institutions
  • Activities must be held in the Brimbank municipality
  • Applications must be received by cut off date
  • Activities should ideally take place on designated Neighbour Day as this is the date that is celebrated nationally. Activities taking place a week before or a week after will be considered.

Do I need a permit?

You need to apply for a reserve booking or an event permit if you’re planning:

  • a public gathering of more than 60 people on a Council reserve, footpath or road
  • a private (by invitation) gathering of more than 100 people on a Council reserve, footpath or road
  • road closures or changed traffic and parking conditions
  • any event that will impact on the local community through significant noise levels
  • carnival rides and temporary infrastructure such as portable toilets, marquees and stages on Council property
  • fireworks including firecrackers
  • any activity/event that clearly goes beyond intended use of the public space.

Conditions apply for functions/activities/events on Council reserves. Visit our Events, Private Function or Activities in a Council Park or Reserve page for information.

It’s important you call Council to discuss your idea. We will support you in applying for a reserve booking or event permit if necessary.


Apply for a Neighbour Day grant

We will update this page when information becomes available for 2024 Neighbour Day grants. 

Assessment of applications

New applicants will be prioritised. All applications will be assessed for eligibility (see above) and then considered against the following selection criteria:

  • Does the activity re-establish connections after COVID-19 lockdowns and help with the recovery?
  • Does the activity strengthen and build stronger relationships between neighbours?
  • Does the activity encourage safe, healthy and well-connected neighbourhoods? Does the activity provide opportunities for elderly neighbours and other people requiring support to reconnect?
  • Does the activity involve collaboration between neighbours in planning the activity?
  • Does the activity comply with local laws with regard to alcohol, noise, litter and whether an event permit may be required?
  • Does the activity comply with guidelines for use of Council reserves?


Grant amount

Grants are available of up to $250 per activity or initiative.

Successful applicants are highly encouraged to shop locally for food and materials to support their event. 

Key dates

Applications open


Applications close




Grants distribution


Neighbour Day TBC

Neighbour Day activities


Grant acquittals


Payment of grants

Successful applicants will be paid by cheque.

The Statement by Supplier form signed and lodged with the application is a form used by the Australian Tax Office to indicate reasons for not quoting an ABN. It is an agreement that the funds cannot be used for anything other than the specified purposes outlined in the agreement. 

More information

For more information about Neighbour Day, visit the Neighbours Every Day website.

You can also call our Community Strengthening and Social Planning team on 03 9249 4862 or email to learn more about this grant. 

Last updated: 21 April 2023 - 4:20pm