Community Grants

The Brimbank Community Grants Program provides one-off financial assistance to not-for-profit organisations and community groups seeking to deliver projects that support and improve the Brimbank community’s health and wellbeing, support life-long learning, encourage sustainable living, promote Brimbank as a destination and build capacity through partnerships and networks.

Categories can vary from year to year.  As explained in our community grants policy, Council reviews and sets these for the year ahead to ensure they are consistent with the latest Council Plan.

There are two funding streams:  Quick Response Grants which are available throughout the year and the Annual Community Grants Program which generally opens mid-year.

Funding Streams Status Next rounds
Quick Response Grants Open February, August and November
Annual Grants 2024/2025 Open Applications close Sunday 14 July 2024
Last updated: 28 May 2024 - 3:42pm