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Council has made 2 local laws that act as secondary legislation for the City of Brimbank. The Local Law No. 3 is Governance related, and Local Law No. 2 relates to the safe and fair use of the municipality by the community. The local laws are made under section 111(1) of the Local Government Act 1989 (Vic).

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General Local Law No. 2 2018

The purpose of this Local Law is to provide for the:

  • administration of Council powers and functions
  • protection, safe and fair use and enjoyment of Council property
  • safe and fair use of streets, roads and footpaths
  • protection, maintenance and enhancement of the amenity of the municipality to a standard that meets the general expectations of the community
  • keeping and control of animals, on land and on Council property and
  • uniform and fair administration and enforcement of this Local Law.

Visit our Local law page to view the Local Law No. 2.

Governance (Major Policy Consultation) Local Law No. 3 2014

This Local Law allows Council to determine if a policy is considered a 'major policy' and prescribes a public consultation process to be followed when the Council proposes to make, amend, modify or revoke a 'major policy'.

The purpose of this Local Law is to:

  • Provide for some policies of Council to be designated as major policies
  • Prescribe the procedure to be followed before making, amending, modifying or revoking a major policy
  • Promote transparency of decision-making
  • Promote best practice in governance processes, and
  • Provide for the peace, order and good government of the municipal district.

Download the Governance (major policy consultation) local law No 3 (PDF 2.2MB).

There are currently 8 major policies that fall under this Local Law:

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