Industrial Design Guidelines

The Brimbank Industrial Design Guidelines (PDF 11.3MB) provide a framework to guide and evaluate applications for subdivisions and development. The guidelines ensure that environmental, amenity and aesthetic matters are addressed and integrated with the practical requirements of industrial use and development.

They aim to assist planning permit applicants and Council to design, assess and develop proposals that maintain, and where possible improve, the visual appearance, amenity, economic performance and ecological functions of industrial land.


  1. To support renewal and appropriate industrial subdivision and development.
  2. To encourage high-quality design that responds to local conditions.
  3. To improve the visual appearance and amenity of industrial land for workers, visitors and the local community.
  4. To encourage the protection and enhancement of local biodiversity values and ecological systems.
  5. To encourage industrial land use and development that contributes to a 30% tree canopy coverage across the municipality.
  6. To demonstrate how applicants may meet the environmental design and stormwater management objectives of the Brimbank Planning Scheme.
  7. To provide infrastructure that is consummate with modern industrial development.
  8. To ensure places or objects of local heritage significance and Aboriginal cultural heritage are appropriately considered and addressed within Industrial Areas.
  9. To provide a clear framework for decision-making.
Last updated: 6 February 2024 - 3:53pm