Sunshine Rising Action Plan

The Sunshine Rising Action Plan 2019 - 2024  continues to build on its achievements across the key areas of:

  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Investment Attraction and Business Development
  • Public Places, Connections and Amenity
  • Community Services and Development
  • Program Management and Communications

The key strategic directions of the Action Plan are to:

  • Capitalise on the Western Rail Plan to capture increased investment and patronage from the region
  • Position the Centre as the ‘Capital of Melbourne’s West’ for regional offices and services
  • Facilitate higher density residential development in and around the Centre
  • Strengthen and promote the retail and entertainment offer to capture greater local patronage and expenditure
  • Build on the growing visitor economy, particularly the visiting friends and relatives market, to capture increased visitation and spend in the catchment.
Last updated: 6 February 2024 - 3:21pm