Public Open Space Contributions Policy

The Public Open Space (POS) Contributions Policy  (DOCX 85KB) seeks to establish a policy and procedure in the application of the statutory public open space contribution requirement. This will clarify and improve transparency in relation to POS contributions and ensure that land contributions will be fit for purpose and accord with Council’s overall strategic objectives for open space.

The POS Policy:

  • Articulates the types of projects that are considered to be eligible for funding through POS cash contributions and those that will be funded through other revenue streams such as DCP levies and/or the adopted Council budget
  • Establishes a framework for the allocation and delivery of open space in line with Council adopted open space policy and plans
  • Outlines procedures for the collection of cash contributions and identifies how new POS projects will be derived over time, as well as address the provision of ‘works in kind’
  • Establishes criteria to assess the suitability of the land, where it is the subject of a proposed land contribution for the purposes of open space in accordance with the Subdivision Act 1988, and established that a cash contribution may be accepted where this criteria cannot be met.
Last updated: 4 May 2023 - 3:35pm