Community Vision 2040

Mother holding two children

The Brimbank Community Vision 2040 (PDF 1.7MB) describes the community’s vision and priorities for the next 20 years. It establishes a shared framework for the community and partner organisations to work towards. It sets ambitious goals. We can only achieve these goals through working in partnership.

The Brimbank Community Vision 2040 has three themes:

  • People
  • Place 
  • Prosperity

Each theme contains strategic directions which the community identified as priorities.

We'll review the Brimbank Community Vision 2040 in 2021. This will ensure it's still aligned with the community’s aspirations and to measure progress towards achieving its goals.

Brimbank Community Vision 2040 partners

  • Community members
  • Service providers
  • Local organisations and groups
  • State and Federal Government agencies
  • Other Councils

Brimbank Community Vision collaboration 

The Brimbank Community Vision 2040 collaboration 2018-21 (PDF 1.3MB) captures the initiatives that we'll deliver over the next three years. We'll do this through partnerships to achieve the goals of the Brimbank Community Vision 2040.

The Collaboration 2018-21 contains 84 initiatives across the ten strategic directions that are set out in the Brimbank Community Vision 2040.

Brimbank Community Vision 2040 report card

The Brimbank Community Vision 2040 report card (PDF 157KB)  lists a number of key achievements that have occurred over 2018 - 2020. These outcomes contribute to the three focus themes:

  • People
  • Place
  • Prosperity
Last updated: 6 February 2024 - 3:39pm