Advocacy Plan


Our **Advocacy Plan 2022** (PDF 2.3MB) outlines our advocacy priorities and seeks partnerships to deliver programs and infrastructure for the Brimbank community.

The advocacy priorities work in conjunction with the **Together we are Brimbank Plan** to create a transformed Brimbank that is beautiful, thriving, healthy and connected.

Gold priority

Transforming Brimbank

  • Sunshine Priority Precinct
  • Sunshine Superhub
  • Albion Station
  • Albion Quarter
  • Sunshine Energy Park
  • Integrated Transport

Mental Health

  • Delivery of Royal Commission Recommendations
  • Increased funding
  • Increased services
  • Increased community awareness & capacity

Silver priority

Pathways to Employment

  • Further funding for BrIMPACT
  • Expansion of Brimbank Learning Futures programs
  • Expansion of Local Jobs for Local People program
  • Additional Jobs Advocates

Major Roads Infrastructure

  • Upgrading Calder Freeway
  • Duplicating Taylors Road
  • Upgrading Robinsons Road
  • Upgrading Ballarat Road
  • Upgrading Sydenham Road

Bronze priorities

Local Business Support

  • Dedicated COVID recovery package
  • Investment into outdoor activation, events and the visitor economy
  • COVID compliance support and assistance

Climate Emergency

  • Declaration of a climate emergency
  • Establishment of a National Renewable Energy Target of 100% for 2030
  • Declaration of a price on carbon pollution
  • Increased urban forest canopy cover

Business as usual

Melbourne Airport Third Runway

  • Engagement with Australian Government and Melbourne Airport representatives to fully understand the impacts upon Brimbank, and consider measures to mitigate noise and other negative effects on the environment, infrastructure and communities

Major Parks

  • Activate existing parks
  • Create more pocket parks
  • Establish more walking trails

Gambling and electronic gaming machines

  • Minimise the detrimental social and economic impacts of electronic gaming machines and other forms of digital gambling

Calder Park Station

  • Construction of a new train station and ‘Park and Ride’ facility at Calder Park


Last updated: 6 February 2024 - 3:23pm