Advertised Plans

Purpose of Advertising Applications

In accordance with the requirements of Section 52 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987, the planning applications (listed below) are currently advertised and available for viewing by neighbours and other interested parties.

We advertise in order to notify surrounding property owners, occupiers, and other interested parties of a planning proposal that may affect them. This provides you with the opportunity to raise any concerns with us regarding the application. 

You have to submit any concerns in writing. The minimum statutory period for advertising is 14 calendar days.

Want to object to a Planning Permit or proposal? Complete our online objection form or download the Objection to the Grant of a Planning Permit Form.


As part of our planning permit process, under the Planning and Environment Act 1987, we provide these documents and plans for the sole purpose of enabling consideration and review. The documents and plans MUST NOT be used for any purpose that may breach copyright.

Site Address Planning Application Number Proposal Documents and Plans
8 Penola Close, St Albans P142/2017

Removal fo restrictive covenant contained in transfer R141934C as it applies to volume 09969 folio 764

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1 Meadowbank Drive, Sunshine North P403/2016

Use and development of the land for a place of worship

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9/1 Foundry Road, Sunshine P170/2017

Use of the land for the sale & consumption of liquor in association with a cafe/restaurant

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286 Furlong Road, St Albans P761/2016

Construction of three (3) dwellings (two double storey and one single storey) 

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2 Hibiscus Avenue, St Albans P43/2017

Variation of restriction contained in transfer C948717 as it applies to volume 8651 folio 616 by amending paragraph to read as follows '...that will not erect or allow or cause or permit to be erected on the lot herby transferred any dwelling or main building having external walls of other than brick or brick veneer construction on the ground storey and light weight cladding for the first floor...'

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32 Rhodes Street, St Albans P698/2016

Construction of a double storey dwelling to the rear of the existing dwelling

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59A Westmoreland Road, Sunshine North P160/2017

Buildings and works to an existing primary school

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41 - 43 Garfield Street, St Albans P168/2016

Construction of seven dwellings (five double storey and two single storey dwellings)

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2A Thomsons Road, Keilor Park P909/2015

Amendment to the permit and plans to provide buildings and works (a roof terrace) to the food and drink premises and use of the land for a liquor license in association with a cafe/restaurant and a reduction to the standard car parking requirement

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56 Alfrieda Street, St Albans P126/2017

Use of the land for the sale and consumption of liquor pursuant to a restaurant/cafe liquor licence in association with a restaurant

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