Apply for a Disabled Parking Permit

There are two types of disabled persons parking permits – Blue Permits and Green Permits.

Blue Permit

If you’re a blue permit holder with significant intellectual or ambulatory disability, you can park a vehicle in a bay reserved for disabled motorists, or park in an ordinary area or bay for twice the specified time.

We only give these permits to people with a significant disability. This includes people who:

  • Require a complex walking aid, such as a walking frame, as certified by a medical practitioner. A walking stick is not considered a complex walking aid.
  • Have an acute or chronic illness in which minimal walking may endanger their health in the long term, as certified by a medical practitioner.
  • Have a significant intellectual disability such that they are an extreme danger to themselves and/or others in a public place without continuous attendance by a caregiver, as indicated by a specialist medical practitioner or a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.

Green Permit

If you’re a green permit holder who needs rest breaks when walking, you can park a vehicle in an ordinary area or bay for twice the specified time. However you cannot park in a special 'disabled persons' bay.

Application Form, Information and Conditions of Use

You must sign and give authority for your medical practitioner/specialist medical practitioner/clinical psychologist to release your medical information.

If your organisation is transporting people with a disability, please complete our Disabled Parking Organisation Permit Application.

Damaged, Lost and Stolen Permits

Damaged Permits

You can still use your damaged disabled parking permit as long as the permit number and expiry date are readable.

Lost Permits

If the permit was issued less than six (6) months ago you'll need to complete a statutory declaration. 

If permit was issued more than twelve (12) months ago you and your doctor will need to complete a new application.

Stolen Permits

Same as above – but if vehicle has been stolen a police report will suffice.