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To ensure Council assets on building sites are maintained, all owners, builders, and their agents must get an Asset Protection Permit and lodge an Asset Protection Security Bond before work starts. A building site must also have in place before works start: 

  • Fences and gates of no less than 1.5 metres high made of chain wire. Gates to open only inward;
  • Access to site via an approved vehicle crossing;
  • Chemical or sewered toilet system;
  • Rubbish Container (closed) of 1m3 (minimum) for builders' rubbish. Skip bins are not allowed outside the property/building site boundary.

Brimbank's Local Laws also state you must:

  • Prevent all materials used in the clean-up/wash down of buildings and equipment from being discharged off-site and entering stormwater drains;
  • Prevent all delivery vehicles from depositing mud, sand, soil, or stones onto the road.

If you fail to comply with our Local Laws you may be fined up to $1000.

An Asset Protection Permit (sample letter) is required prior to undertaking building works exceeding $20,000 or any Demolition.

Building works can be defined as work for or in connection with the construction, renovation, alteration.

A security bond is required with permit applications. The bond is refunded on completion of the demolition/building works, provided there has been no damage to council assets or any damage done has been reinstated to Council standards.

Applicants are given the opportunity to carry out repairs or alternatively the cost of repairs will be withheld from the bond if applicant requests Council to repair. If the cost exceeds the bond, Council will invoice the difference.

Application fees

    Security Bond may be refunded subject to the issue of occupancy permit/Final Certificate and the completion of Council's asset inspection.

    What you need to apply

    • A credit card to make the payment

    This form takes about 7 minutes to complete.

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    When uploading documents please make sure the file title includes the name of the document and the address of the property e.g. Title 301 Hampshire Road Sunshine or Plan 301 Hampsire Road Sunshine.

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