Consent to Construct Over/In an Easement Application - Online Form

Any structure or works planned for construction on, or over an easement requires a Building Over Easement consent. The Building Over Easement consent must be obtained before the building permit. The Building Over Easement consent requires the owner to enter into a contract with Brimbank City Council with an understanding and acceptance that the structure or works can be removed at any time at Council's request, in order to access the easement.

What you need to apply:

  • A credit card to make payment;
  • Site plan including size and location of easement;
  • Footing and slab details;
  • Building elevations;
  • Materials proposed for development over the easement;
  • Copy of Title (less than 3 months old and must include Plan of Subdivision)

Please note: Application fee is non-refundable. If application proceeds further fees will be applied and applicant will be advised.

This form takes about 10 minutes to complete.

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