Report and Consent Application - Online Form

We love good design and we love it more if it complies with the Ministerial Decision Guidelines (Section 188A of the Building Act 1993 requires that we refuse consent to a design which does not).

Before you submit a design make sure you are totally across these guidelines. This will help you demonstrate to us that your proposal satisfies all the relevant guidelines with respect to the particular regulation to avoid an automatic refusal.

This form will take you a good 15 minutes and there is a lot to get ready before you apply.

To apply you will need

  • A completed regulation form for each of the regulations which relate to your application, details which clearly demonstrate compliance with the Objectives of the Building Regulations and Ministers Guideline
  • A current copy of a Certificate of Title, showing name of current owner(s) (get a certificate of title here);
  • Full copy of the plan of subdivision and any registered covenants and section 173 agreements;
  • Comments from Affected Neighbours;
  • A completed sets of drawings, to be signed and dated by the adjoining property owners;
  • A plan of the subject allotment, adjoining properties and where relevant, the location of habitable room windows, private open space, secluded private open space relevant elevations and sections appropriately dimensioned.
  • A credit card to make payment. Please note there is a charge per regulation you are applying consent for.

If such information is not present:

  • Consent will be refused (if such information is clearly necessary) or
  • A flawed decision may be made – for which the applicant is likely to be accountable.

It is an offence under Section 246 to make a false or misleading statement or provide any false or misleading information, so tell the truth. If you apply for consent we may request further information. If we do, please ensure you are aware of the relevant regulations and guidelines or use a suitably experienced advisor/consultant.

Head spinning? Call us on (03) 9249 4000 and we can help you work through it.

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Report and Consent Application - Online Form