Green Waste

Order a green waste bin

Our green waste collection is an opt-in and payable service. Charges are:

  • 140 litres costs $95.24 per bin per year
  • 240 litres costs $104.64 per bin per year.

If you own a residence you can order a green waste bin online or call Customer Service on 9249 4000 to organise a new service.

If you’re renting, speak to your landlord about getting a green waste bin as they need to order it on your behalf.

Collection day

Green waste is collected once per fortnight on the same day as your garbage, alternating with your recycling collection. View our waste collection calendar for details.

Material is taken for processing at Veolia’s organic processing facility in Bulla. It is placed in a large vessel for 10 days then turned into nutrient rich compost and mulch. These products remain on-site to mature for a few weeks and are then used on farms and gardens.

What goes in your green waste bin

  • grass clippings
  • weeds
  • ivy and creepers
  • twigs and small branches
  • bamboo
  • leaves
  • flowers
  • straw and hay.
  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • meat, seafood, bones
  • dairy (cheese, butter, yogurt)
  • eggs and their shells
  • bread, pasta, cereal
  • leftovers
  • spoiled food
  • loose coffee grounds and tea leaves.

What doesn’t go in your green waste bin

  • plastics
  • biodegradable and compostable bags/bin liners
  • nappies
  • garbage
  • coffee pods, tea bags
  • paper, cardboard, paper towel, tissue
  • glass
  • tree stumps and roots
  • soil
  • foam
  • metal, gas bottles, cans, tin, star pickets, gardening tools, wire
  • building materials, concrete, brick, tiles, rubble, glass
  • kitty litter
  • animal droppings
  • oil.

Tips to reduce the chance of odours and pests

  1. layer food with green waste. When possible place grass clippings or garden pruning’s at the base of the bin before adding food waste
  2. store your green waste bin in the shade
  3. don't overfill your bin to make sure the lid stays closed
  4. put your green bin out for collection even if the bin isn’t full
  5. sprinkle bicarb soda and a squeeze of lemon juice or eucalyptus/lavender/mint oil at the bottom of your bin and caddy
  6. let hot food cool down before placing it in your caddy or bin
  7. clean and dry your kitchen caddy regularly.

Kitchen caddy giveaway

Our excited residents were quick to grab one of the free 1000 kitchen caddies we were giving away. Allocation was exhausted in less than a day. Thanks to everyone who applied, we will contact you if we have any questions.

The kitchen caddy has 7 litres capacity with a lid and handle, and made from 100% recycled material.

Caddies will be delivered from mid-July on the same day as your green waste collection.

Bin liners do not go in green waste bins

Lining a kitchen caddy makes it easier to clean. However, none of the below listed items are permitted to go in your green waste bin as they cannot be processed at the organics processing facility.

  • newspaper
  • paper towel
  • bin liner (plastic or compostable).

If you decide to line your bin you must place that liner into your garbage waste bin.

Any non-permitted items placed in the green waste bin spoils the load and cannot be processed.

Contact us

If you have any questions about green waste you can reach us at or 9249 4000.