Road Management Plan

At its 25 June 2019 meeting, Council adopted the revised Road Management Plan 4.0 (RMP) to reflect current practices, resource capability and reasonable standards of service delivery.
The changes apply to all of the roads and classes of roads to which the Road Management Plan applies

Road Management Plan

The Road Management Plan describes arrangements for road assets within road reserves for which Brimbank is responsible.

The Plan sets inspection intervals and response times which complies with the Road Management Act 2004. 

To satisfy our duty of care to road users, it must have a reasonable system for

  • inspecting Brimbank's road network to discover hazards; and 
  • planning and implementing repairs to reduce those hazards.

Inspection and response to road hazards are dealt with in Section 4 and are the key components of the Plan.

Purpose of the Plan

  • to provide a safe and efficient road network for use by all members of the public
  • establish good road asset management practices focused on delivering best outcomes regarding
    • affordability,
    • available resources, and
    • the policies, priorities and strategies of governments and road authorities
  • set out the policies and procedures adopted by VicRoads to achieve its road maintenance standards
  • describe the inspection frequencies and condition standards adopted by VicRoads for various traffic conditions.

Road Management Plan Review Report

The Road Management Plan Review Report was prepared to provide information and advice to Council, summarising the findings and recommendations of the Road Management Plan Working Group (RMPWG).

Register of Public Roads

Our register lists roads that Council has deemed to be "public roads".